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I was introduced to older woman sex when I was 15. Lol, yes, I know, that's considered abuse now days but I sure didn't see it that way. Overall there were five older ladies that I fucked for a period of two years and then some more after that.

If those older women I was fucking were still alive I'd give them a good hot fuck today as a way of saying thank you. What they taught me about sex was invaluable. Two of them used to give me head right away when we got into bed. Naturally these hot cocksucking older wmen would make me cum right away. One of them told me she liked to fuck a lot and if she made me cum first I could fuck a lot longer. She was right. ;)

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All of these mature women I'm talking about here were between 42 and 50. Not particularly old grannies but not younger school girls either. I loved the fact these erotic old bitches were passing me around just because they liked my nude cock. It didn't hurt my feelings a bit to be used sexually. Besides they gave me money and bought me stuff and I'd drink beer with them. These sexy older babes had me to the point I thought I was in heaven.

Considering this was back in 1963 nude older women fucking underage guys isn't anything new. It just doesn't seem to stay as hidden now as it did back then. I'm always surprised when they send an older woman to prison for having sex with a high school kid. I'm sure the guy appreciated the good fucking sex from the older woman just as much as I did.

I still glad about the first older woman sex I had and all of the hot mature old sex that came after that. If you're 18 or over I'd suggest you find an older woman in her mid 40's to early 50's. Preferably a single older woman. Getting nude with a married old lady might not be such a good idea.

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